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Installing SPSS

Getting Started with SPSS

Installing SPSS

Installation is simple as other software. Run the "setup" file and do as you install other software.

The licensing should be done after the installation. The licensing instructions are provided when you buy the software. When you want to use the university license, the IT personnel at your university will guide you through the process. If you buy a copy on your own, you can enter the serial number provided to you at the end of the installation process by clicking “license my product now”
If the licensing is not done during the installation, it can be done later too by opening the license authorization wizard.
Remember that the best method to license SPSS to ask someone from where you purchase it. If you are a student, ask your focal point at the university. If you want to try it on your own, follow the instructions stated below. The snapshot includes the images from IBM SPSS 23 installed in my personal computer.

Step 1

If you do licensing during the installation, you don't have to use this wizard afterwards.

Click next, and paste the serial number and click next, then finish.

Step 2: 

If you have not licensed by any one of previous methods, close the program and simply copy the “lservrc” file into the installation directory and replace the old one.

Step 3: 

If you have not licensed by any one of previous methods, open the “lservrc” file with notepad which will show you the serial number. Use that serial number to license using the license authorization wizard.


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